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School Council

At Moulsham Infant School we believe all children’s views are valued. Every class elects two representatives to serve on the School Council for each term.  Regular circle times and class council discussions provide opportunities for the children to raise concerns and put forward suggestions as to how certain aspects of school life can be managed or improved. This is also when minutes from the last meeting are shared and new matters discussed by the class.

The school councillors meet regularly with the headteacher to discuss the views of their class.  They then report back to their class after every school council meeting.

2022-23 School Councillors for the Autumn term:


                Cherry class             Oak class               Tulip Class       Maple Class       

                            Avie                     Aidan                        Harper                Logan

Year 1

                Chestnut class         Sycamore Class   Magnolia Class

                        Skye                                Lea                        Skyler

Year 2

              Hazel Class               Holly Class               Willow Class     Hawthorn Class

                     Enzo                             Heidi                          Billie                        Molly