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The Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our motto at Moulsham Infant School (MIS) is to Motivate Inspire and Succeed. We motivate through our creative curriculum which is both skills based and knowledge rich. We inspire through engaging and enthusiastic teaching, excellent pedagogy and children’s interest. Success is seen by the children’s attitudes to learning and school and their learning behaviours such as showing empathy, resilience, independence, curiosity and ambition to be the best they can be.

This year we have launched our new, exciting, concept based learning curriculum that encourages creativity, leads children to question and investigate and taps into personal learning and thinking skills.

Each term each year group will focus on an enquiry question. These are chosen to involve children’s input and cannot be answered immediately, they will need to be unpicked. Examples of these are; What does it mean to belong? Should we always help others? and Who am I? These have been chosen to promote a connection to the real world and authentic problems and issues. It leads children to investigate important ideas and questions and touches on key concepts such as; community, love, resilience, responsibility and free will.

The questions are introduced to the children and they are able to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings. The teaching and learning is based around what the children have discussed and questions that they may have leading from the enquiry and their interests. Throughout the term we will aim to answer our enquiry questions whilst still ensuring that children are learning the key skills and knowledge as outlined in the national curriculum.

This concept based, enquiry approach creates a cohesive and joined up curriculum that promotes curiosity and engagement

Curriculum overview by year group: